How to Properly Maintain your Roof

Your roof is your home’s crown and glory. You should handle it with proper care and maintenance. Ask to check your roof on a regular basis. Following this simple step can prevent you from spending more and at the same time avoid future accidents from occurring.

The environment and weather conditions greatly affect the wear and tear of our roof. Constant exposure to the sun and rain strips away the exterior parts of the roof. We may not notice visible signs of damages that is why the roof maintenance Airdrie contractors can inspect and sort out the current status of our roof.

Fixing your roof can be expensive especially if you don’t have any budget allotted for it. Emergency repairs or replacements can hurt your wallet if unprepared. Having your roof inspected at least twice a year or every six months can prevent you from spending more in the long run.

You can avoid damages through proper care and maintenance. If you have a home insurance policy, make sure that it also covers the expenses of your roof so that you can maximize your plan and save money as well. Without regular maintenance, the quality of your roofing material can quickly deteriorate to half of its shelf life.

What Inspectors Look for

Since most homeowners have no idea what to look for if they inspect their roof, majority seek the services of roof maintenance Airdrie professionals. During inspection, the roofing expert will conduct a comprehensive check of your roof. The inspector can be an engineer, architect or consultant.

Some factors roofers look for during their inspection include build-up of rust and cracks on various parts on your roof, broken shingles, clogged vent pipes, particles from roof tiles in your gutter, moss and other substances that lead to the decay of roof materials. Check how long you’ve had the roofing materials installed in your house. For all you know, these materials may be over their expiration date.

If there are any loose or damaged shingles, you should have them replaced immediately and ask your contractor to check for protruding nails and have it fixed as well. It normally takes only half a day to repair shingles. So there is no reason to delay it further. Flashing, attic vents, and skylights that have become detached must be resealed but if they are starting to accumulate rust and deteriorate, they need replaced as well.

Be constantly aware of signs of leaks. Some signs of leakage include dark parts on your ceilings, damp areas, peeling of paint, and water stains on pipes. Once you see any of these marks, call your local contractor for an assessment. If your roofing material particularly asphalt roof, has served you and your family for more than 15 years, then it’s probably time to retire and replace it.

Schedule your roof inspection with before a particular season begins. If you are expecting the typhoon season anytime soon, have your roof checked for any signs of damage so that your roof is in good shape. It is best to prepare your roof so it can withstand expected weather conditions.

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